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Radiant Journey is Growing!

Success is best when it's shared.

Less than a year after founding Radiant Journey, I am thrilled to share that the organization has grown, as I introduce our first two contractors - Nicole Zevotek and Ciaran Phillip:

Click here to learn more about Ciaran and Nicole's experiences and perspectives.

We look forward to supporting high-achieving teams identify and resolve challenges surrounding...

1. Communication.

We never have all of the information. Understanding organizational culture and structure, while holding space for cultural differences and individual perspectives are key components of effective communication in today's dynamic work environment. Our team will support you in identifying communication blockages and shifting the perspective within your organization to one of open, authentic communication and camaraderie.

2. Mitigating Burnout.

The pandemic has pushed us to our limits. It has challenged us to adapt to new technology and work environments. Many of us find it difficult to balance work with the demands of our personal lives, while also maintaining our health. As scientists, we understand how stress can cause the analytical mind go into overdrive and lead to burnout. We will support your team by:

  • defining and identifying burnout

  • providing tangible tools to reduce burnout symptoms immediately

  • developing skills and habits to prevent burnout in the future

3. Building Resilience.

Resilience is our ability to bounce back from life's challenges. Our work is under constant scrutiny, and our teams are under tremendous pressure to perform competitively in today's fast-paced world. This often comes at the expense of our health, wellbeing, and personal lives. We will teach your team members how to incorporate the habits of building resilience into their lives while maintaining high performance.

All Radiant Journey workshops are customized to the unique needs of your group. No two are the same!


Let's talk about how we can support your group with custom growth programs! Email me directly here to schedule a free consultation.

Dr. Lori Ana Valentín is an analytical chemist who holds doctorate and master’s degrees in chemistry from Binghamton University as well as a bachelor of science in biochemistry from SUNY Fredonia. She has worked with individuals and teams across the globe.


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