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Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

Radiant Journey is a woman and minority-owned business that champions diversity, equity, and inclusion by empowering chemists of all backgrounds. Representation matters.

A Young Scientist looking through a microscope


 An investment in Radiant Journey is an investment in a diverse chemistry community.  10% of Radiant Journey's proceeds go directly to a scholarship fund for a chemistry student with demonstrated financial need from a historically  under-resourced and/or marginalized background.

Radiant Journey empowers justice-involved scholars by providing free academic and professional coaching.  Let us know how we can support your college-in-prison or reentry program!

A Young Scientist looking through a microscope
Charity Volunteers


Radiant Journey enthusiastically supports foundations and nonprofits that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in STEM.  Work with us on your next fundraiser!  We'll design and deliver a custom program for your sponsors and donors, empowering them to help themselves while supporting your cause. 

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