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The Corporate Classroom


Innovative Professional Development Solutions

We are thrilled to announce that our business is expanding its suite of offerings by partnering with companies of all sizes to provide general professional development services in addition to our Radiant Journey programs that were created for chemists.

While those programs are still available, our aim is to also help our clients succeed in their careers and achieve their goals, even if they are outside of the field of chemistry. With this expansion, we are confident that we can better serve the needs of our clients and create more opportunities for growth.

Courses include, but are not limited to: Supply Chain, HR, Conflict Management, Communication, Manager and Supervisor Training, Skills for Inspectors and Investigators, and Project Management.

Radiant Journey Programs


Resilience Building

Imposter Syndrome

Leadership Development



Mitigating Burnout

Limiting Beliefs

Healing Trauma

Setting Boundaries

Work-Life Balance


Radiant Journey Diamond purple.png

Career Readiness

Resumes & Cover Letters


Job Search





Career Transitions

Leadership Development


Radiant Journey Diamond emerald.png

Effective Communication

Public Speaking

Presenting Research

Interpersonal Communication

Presenting Virtually

Team Dynamics (including virtual)


Communicating through Conflict

Navigating Relationship Issues


Radiant Journey Diamond turq.png

Customized Programs

Half-Day Programs

Full-Day Programs

...for businesses, professional organizations, government agencies, and academic institutions large and small! 


Radiant Journey Diamond opal.png

Group workshops
are achieved
virtually or in-person.
Customized quotes available upon request.


“Lori Ana was the first person to show me that self-care is for everyone, including chemists. Before I met her, I was convinced that I was too busy for self-care (and that scientists didn't take breaks)...I have learned an incredible amount about self-advocacy, confidence, and leadership. Lori Ana and I have worked closely to promote self-care for chemists across the world through the Self-Care Sunday series and bi-annual resilience workshops. She is an incredible mentor, friend, and leader.”

Ashely Tubbs, Ph.D. Candidate, Virginia Commonwealth University

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