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STEM careers are in high demand.

Students and professionals in this field are under constant scrutiny and pressure to succeed. These conditions can lead to perfectionism, imposter syndrome, and many other challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic has placed scientists and engineers under more pressure than ever before, and academic institutions and employers are struggling to address the needs of students and staff.

Radiant Journey works with scientists and engineers to create  custom programs that encompass professional development, leadership skills, and holistic wellness. Clients develop better coping skills, communication, and camaraderie

              ...creating a healthier and more productive space.  

You're worth it !


Your challenges don't define you

Resilience Building & Professional Development
...... for scientists by a scientist


Ph.D. - Chemistry, Binghamton University
MS - Chemistry, Binghamton University
BS - Biochemistry, SUNY Fredonia


Welcome! I’m Lori Ana .

Founder of Radiant Journey, LLC

Chemist, Resilience Coach, Mentor, & ACS Career Consultant

As an analytical chemist, I understand how rewarding yet challenging STEM fields can be. Our work brings tremendous value to the world, and we hold ourselves to high standards. However, this type of pressure can lead us to develop unhealthy and unreasonable expectations for ourselves.  Anxiety, limiting beliefs, and perfectionism create the perfect storm for conditions like imposter syndrome.  

It’s my mission to offer resilience coaching and resources to STEM students and professionals so that they can be empowered to shine, thrive, and achieve in the beautiful world of science no matter the circumstances.

These programs are designed for scientists by a scientist. I understand the unique challenges you are facing, and I have developed viable ways to address these challenges while maintaining academic and professional performance. I’ve used these methods myself, and so have the countless students and professionals that I have worked with.

A little more about me…
I’m a chemist in Albany, NY where I live with my son Isaac and our cat Arginine - that’s right, I named him after an amino acid :) Many moons ago I was a competitive martial artist, but now I have found strength in stillness through daily meditation and yoga. I learned this practice from my dad (who still does headstands in his 60s), and I’m honored to pass that practice on to my son.


Learn 3 critical skills you can do RIGHT NOW to build long-term resilience to life’s stressors.


Radiant Journey Programs

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Resilience Building

Imposter Syndrome

Leadership Development



Mitigating Burnout

Limiting Beliefs

Healing Trauma

Setting Boundaries

Work-Life Balance


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Career Readiness

Resumes & Cover Letters


Job Search





Career Transitions

Leadership Development


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Effective Communication

Public Speaking

Presenting Research

Interpersonal Communication

Presenting Virtually

Team Dynamics (including virtual)


Communicating through Conflict

Navigating Relationship Issues


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Individual Coaching 

Opal amplifies hope and purity.  The session delivers personalized strategies to address a specific problem that an individual is experiencing - such as conflict with an advisor or coworker, difficulty...


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Customized Programs

Individual Workshops

Half-Day Programs

Full-Day Programs

Multi-Day Programs

...for businesses, professional organizations, government agencies, and academic institutions large and small! 


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Workshops and sessions are achieved virtually or in-person.
Customized quotes available upon request.


“In my 20-year career with the New York State Police Forensic Investigation Center I have come to work alongside many individuals. By far, Dr. Lori Ana Valentín is one of the most gifted and visionary. She has led and contributed to the quality and well being of the organization in just a couple of years in her current role. Lori Ana is a woman of extraordinary character and vision with excellent communication skills and leadership capabilities.”

Nicole Zevotek, Assistant Director of Biological Sciences New York State Police Crime Laboratory

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