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STEM careers are in high demand.

Students and professionals in this field are under constant scrutiny and pressure to succeed. These conditions can lead to perfectionism, imposter syndrome, and many other challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic has placed scientists and engineers under more pressure than ever before, and academic institutions and employers are struggling to address the needs of students and staff.

Radiant Journey works with scientists and engineers to create custom programs that encompass professional development, leadership skills, and holistic wellness. Clients develop better coping skills, communication, and camaraderie...creating a healthier and more productive space.  

You're worth it!


Your challenges
don't define you.

Resilience Building & Professional Development
...... for scientists by a scientist


Ph.D. - Chemistry, Binghamton University
MS - Chemistry, Binghamton University
BS - Biochemistry, SUNY Fredonia

Welcome! I’m Lori Ana .

Founder of Radiant Journey, LLC

Chemist, Resilience Coach, Mentor, & ACS Career Consultant

As an analytical chemist, I understand how rewarding yet challenging STEM fields can be. 

It’s my mission to offer resilience coaching and resources to clients so that they can be empowered to shine, thrive, and achieve in the beautiful world of science no matter the circumstances.


My team and I work with businesses, professional organizations, government agencies, and academic institutions throughout the country.

Meet Lori Ana
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Consultants That Care


“Lori Ana was the first person to show me that self-care is for everyone, including chemists. ...I have learned an incredible amount about self-advocacy, confidence, and leadership.”

Ashely Tubbs, Ph.D. Candidate, Virginia Commonwealth University

Radiant Journey Programs

We're here to help



Resilience Building

Imposter Syndrome

Leadership Development



Mitigating Burnout

Limiting Beliefs

Healing Trauma

Setting Boundaries

Work-Life Balance


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Career Readiness

Resumes & Cover Letters


Job Search





Career Transitions

Leadership Development


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Effective Communication

Public Speaking

Presenting Research

Interpersonal Communication

Presenting Virtually

Team Dynamics (including virtual)


Communicating through Conflict

Navigating Relationship Issues


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Customized Programs

Half-Day Programs

Full-Day Programs

...for businesses, professional organizations, government agencies, and academic institutions large and small! 


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Group workshops
are achieved
virtually or in-person.
Customized quotes available upon request.

Learn 3 critical skills you can do RIGHT NOW to build long-term resilience to life’s stressors.


On the Blog

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You might be wondering...

  • Who specifically do you work with?
    Radiant Journey helps businesses, organizations, government agencies, and academic institutions large and small.
  • What do you do?
    We provide group workshops that empower participants and shifts the dynamic to one of camaraderie and collaboration.
  • Why Radiant Journey?
    Radiant literally means, 'sending out light; shining or glowing brightly'. We aim to do the same with our programming. Radiant Journey brings light to dark challenges and bleak moments and have framed our workshops around these fundamentals.
  • How long is each workshop?
    Full and half-day workshops are available to meet unique needs of your company/organization.
  • Are workshops in-person or virtual?
    Both options are available. Just note whichever you prefer in the contact form below.
  • Are scholarship opportunities available?
    Yes. 10% of Radiant Journey’s proceeds go directly to a scholarship fund for a chemistry student with demonstrated financial need from a historically under-resourced or marginalized background. Learn more here or get in touch using the below form.
  • What's the process like?
    Easy and stress-free. Here’s an overview of our process: 1.Consultation 2. Survey 3. Proposal 4. Contract 5. Program

Contact to Start

Helpful information can be found above in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

To start, inquire below about your group workshop.

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